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[Events] Downtown San ‘ho Knows, It’s That Time of Year Again

May 19, 2009

You may have guessed it, but it’s already here–FanimeCon 2009. Of course, the biggest thing I’m looking forward to is Halko Momoi is all her greatness and glory, with panels galore and her big concert on Sunday at 8pm. Also, *cough* a few good friends of mine are in the -renewed- Maid Cafe this year, which will feature more “authenticity” than previous years and will have a little *live event* on Stage Zero on Saturday at 2pm. Meaning, even if you don’t have a badge, you can still walk into the convention center and watch. It’s possible that Momoi may even come to watch a bit of it(!). And you may be surprised with the set list–it’s pretty epic.

Taken 5/12, during a rehearsal for the Fanime live!

And although I’ve barely touched up on VOCALOID happenings, I will host a Panel about the singing synthesizers on Sunday at 5pm with Chun. I’ll try to rush him and keep the details short, so we can all line up for the Momoi concert after the panel. :9 Other than that, I’m not really cosplaying this year as I’ve already mentioned slightly.

Regardless, see ya’ll there!

P.S. Does anyone else think it’s downright badass of Momoi to link to a Nico Singer’s blog in her own blogroll (bottom left)?  I’m sure Hong Ko~ng is pretty flattered, being on the same list with the likes of Minorin and Maita. (*^ー^

P.S.S. Perfume asks, What is DISCO?

[Nico] Another Epic Nico Live Not To Be Missed

February 12, 2009

【ニコニコ動画】【ライブ告知】NICO‐NICO LIVE~大阪事変~
I may be a bit late in announcing this, but better late than never.

There will be another Nico Live concert venue on Saturday, March 21 at SUNHALL in Osaka Shinsaibashi.
The musician list is quite expansive, with the likes of [TEST], Nakamura Ine (horsehead guy), and, of course, Tissue-Hime. As for the lovely nico singers, there seems to be mostly singers that often do VOCALOID song covers, like pico, puriko, anima, and, one of my favorites, usa, as well as other famous names like yonji and jigiru.

The video has all of the guests listed. If you’re in the area, good luck getting tickets, and if not, let’s hope for some leaked video footage.

[Seiyuu] Happy Birthday, Minorin!

November 17, 2008


I’m ashamed to say I have nothing to give Minorin on her lovely 28th birthday, but I’ve come back here just to say お誕生日おめでとう! (Yeah, I wasn’t on hiatus… just er, busy. Yes.) A couple of nicochans have also given their gratitude as well.


【ニコニコ動画】(香港から) みのりんお誕生日おめでとう!

Houkoholic made an informal post about her fanclub exclusive birthday event. Well, as informal as he could make it, what with the unfortunate setup and what have you. While the rest of the blogosphere raises their cups in light of this glorious day. Minorin was estatic to know she’s gracing the cover of Seiyuu Grand Prix’s December issue, despite having her tagline quite litterally saying she’s a sparkly thing in a heap of poo. I’ve sent an agent to retrieve the mag for me regardless, hopefully with the poster the stores give out (maybe to replace the Hirano one I have on the wall now). But who cares about the details, right?

I hope Minorin has a nice, slow day tomorrow, preferrably with family or friends and such. I’ll await for your album grace its presence in my mailbox (ooer).


[Nico] Welcome to Autumn & Happy Belated, nayuta

October 1, 2008

Today was the first of October, meaning summer is over and nico has a new layout!

Ok, so it’s not THAT exciting, almost not worth mentioning if not for the few new features they got going. (more…)

[Nico] Nico Singers: Goodnight, ちょうちょ

August 15, 2008

【ニコニコ動画】「Last Night, Good Night」を歌ってみた(ちょうちょver.)

While searching for VOCALOID covers again a day or two ago, I remembered kz’s latest hit that have ridden up the VOCALOID Rankings for the past few weeks, Last Night, Good Night. Many recognize this song from its striking PV, courtesy of redjuice graphics (known for his illustrations contributing to ryo’s World is Mine). Of LiveTune fame, kz’s trademark ambient trance style is ever present in this song, while Miku once again reaches for the high pitches. Naturally, the song is hard to sing realistically, but there’s one singer so far that has pulled it off. She goes by the name of ちょうちょ (choucho).

Choucho is another singer that has been compared to gazelle, but there is something in her voice that rings a bell of familiarity. When I heard her version of Seikan Hikou (キラッ☆), I could not help but think of Ishida Yoko. Unfortunately, she is still rather unknown in the Nico Singer sphere, but hopefully with the popularity LNGN (currently the song’s most viewed cover) she will gain a bigger following. There isn’t a nico singer wiki page for her yet, so check out her blog and mylist for more from her. She’s one to keep tabs on.

[Negima] Mahou Sensei Negima Ala Alba ODA: omg I came

August 13, 2008

Mahou Sensei Negima ~Ala Alba~
If there’s one thing Negima you should watch, it’s the Ala Alba ODA. Actually, it’s the only thing you should watch. Forget the Xebec anime, the SHAFT anime, even the OVAs, and especially the Live Action (unless you’re looking for humor); Akamatsu has done something right. This release proves to be the refreshing renewal for the series that it truly deserves. (more…)

[Lulz] Gaijin Youth Teaches Nico Users How to Sign Up on Nico

August 6, 2008

I found this video on some English IM@S website a few weeks ago. Intially, some nico user found it on YouTube and uploaded it on Nico for shits and giggles. So if you can read moon (even if you can’t, there’s plenty of English), I encourage you to watch this small bit of lulz.

【ニコニコ動画】How To Easily Watch(Sign Up) Nico Nico Douga Videos

If you’re a smash bros. player, I’m sure you feel much rage.


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