[Seiyuu] Chihara Minori Tour Bus Funtime

Say what?

So ya’ll know about that outdoor performance Minorin is having somewhere near Fujisan with nature and all that jazz, right? Well, since it’s kind of outside civilization, the nice people in Minorin’s management decided to milk more money help guests get to the venue with a special transport bus exclusively for Minorists. Yes, you too can join your fellow sweaty wota on a roadtrip to the concert. Of course, like the concert tickets, it is also a lotto, so if you’re planning on entering the concert raffle, why not spend another 15000-some odd yen to go on the MinoriBus?

If you ask me, I’m probably just going to stick with normal transportation. But I entered the concert lotto, so wish me luck~

PS: Yes, I realize I haven’t blogged in ages, especially when I was supposed to give that Fanimu report a month ago, which was AMAZING BEYOND WORDS; probably why I have a hard time putting it all down in text. There’s also the various nico medley happenings *coughNanairocough* and Perfume tabloidentures *coughNocchi&KsykDatingGuyscough*, but I’ll just put that aside for now.

PPS: Tomorrow’s Chance is a fairly good single IMO. I enjoyed it more than AmeagariHana, which many people have compared it to. The PV’s やばいangles give it a big boost. みのりんかっけええぇ(*´Д`)ぇええ

PPPS: I want NAAAAOOOOOOOOOadfjsngkajah Why is that their only venue that I can attend have to be so small? orz

PPPPS: Ok seriously, last one. I’m making my return to AX this year.  lol Momusu and MoiDicksMoi. See you there.

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