[Seiyuu] April Chihara Minori Digest

After the big Parade tour, we’re gearing up for more stuff to come from Minorin. Here’s a quick rundown of things they’ve announced this month.

– For fanclub members only, 「Minori Chihara Live Tour 2009 Parade -LIVE PHOTOBOOK-」 is up for pre-order until May 31 and will be released June 23.
– New single for 2009: 「Tomorrow’s chance」 out June 3
– 「Minori Chihara Live Tour 2009 ~Parade~ LIVE DVD」 out June 24
– As you all already know, she will be a Guest of Honor at Malaysia’s DaiCon (July 11 & 12), and will hold a special live event, as confirmed on her site.
– Her first outdoors 2-days live event 「Minori Chihara Live 2009 “SUMMER CAMP”」 in August 1 & 2.

Other live event performances she’s prepping up for include

Suzumiya Haruhi no Gensou on April 29
Ga-rei Zero-THE LIVE on May 3 (which サリヤ人 will also appear at)

Nowadays you can hear her in that Mahjong anime 「咲-Saki-」 as Ryuumonbuchi Touka, as well as the usual Haruhi internet poop & re-runs.

Watch out for that swine flu!

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2 Responses to “[Seiyuu] April Chihara Minori Digest”

  1. Kairu Ishimaru Says:

    Swine flu you say?

  2. EvilLinkz Says:

    Minorin representing Minami-Ke \o/

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