[Cosplay] 10 Last-Minute Cosplay Tips for Girls

Please dont say youre lazy...

Please don't say you are lazy...

As the season of anime conventions is rolls in, the time to prep your costumes is running out. Do you even have a costume this year? I don’t (well, not any new ones). In fact, I’ll probably revert to going back to normal when I’m not doing maid cafe duties. But suppose if you (like me) don’t have a costume, but (unlike me) still want to enjoy the most celebrated tradition of anime conventions, then here’s a shortlist I’ve devised with things you can wear/do to animoot yourself to fit in with the other crazy cosplayers.

1) Experiment with moe hairstyles. This includes ponytails, twintails, buns, blunt bangs (cut at your brows), as well as other weird hairstyles you would not otherwise do. Big hair accessories, like bows, headbands, and bobby pins, are popular as well.

Hairpins & headbands

Hairpins & headbands

2) Dress like an Asian–lots of layers, accessories, and light, bright colors. Girls almost always wear dresses or skirts and heels, so prepare your Nair and Dr. Scholl’s. Who knows, you could be mistaken for a character in a shoujo/slice-of-life series.

Go shoppingu or sumshit

Go shoppingu or sumshit

3) Wear your old school uniform (or make one up). Blazers? Sweater vests? As long as you’re wearing your skirt above school dress code and knee socks, you’re good to go! Bonus points for thigh-highs or zettai ryouki.

Its that simple... just needs more zettai ryouki.

It's that simple... just needs more zettai ryouki.

4) Wear a (sars) face mask, roll up your sleeves, and bind your chest. Instant yankee! Make sure to get your bat peace bonded, first.

May or may not include fawning dere girls

May or may not include fawning dere girls

5) Wear an eye-patch. Pink eye is in vogue and is always 緒萌え~ This can be added to any of the previous tips for extra flair. Who knows, maybe you could pass as handicapped.

Combinations are dangerous

Combinations are dangerous

6) If you’re Asian, wear your traditional ethnic clothes. They probably won’t tell the difference between a choengsam and an ao dai anyway.

Ni hao~

Ni hao~

7) Got a really embarrassing/tacky party dress, full of sequins and bright colors, that your aunt gave you? Wear it and bring a cordless mic. You’re now an idol!

Cute on a little girl, but tacky at a dinner party.

Cute on a little girl, but tacky at a dinner party.

8) Glasses. Pretty self explanatory. Ever tried the secretary look?

Combinations are VERY dangerous... ハァハァ

Combinations are VERY dangerous... ハァハァ

9) Wear a mask. You’re now a Nico Nico Douga anon.



10) If all else still makes you look fugly, Dress like an otaku.

Cho moe~

Cho moe~


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6 Responses to “[Cosplay] 10 Last-Minute Cosplay Tips for Girls”

  1. Kairu Ishimaru Says:

    OP image, so much win!

  2. gblproduckshunz Says:

    lol, ill keep alla this in mind. :D

  3. [Events] Downtown San ‘ho Knows, It’s That Time of Year Again « じ――ンಠ_ಠ。。。 Says:

    [...] the panel. :9 Other than that, I’m not really cosplaying this year as I’ve already mentioned [...]

  4. Nikki Rose Gevero Says:

    what is the name of the first anime ?

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